About Us

Alvilaur Painting & Residential Services, LLC (Alvilaur) provides customized painting, renovation and construction services for homes and commercial properties.  We serve those who want the best but don’t need large construction company costs!  For large jobs we network with an array of licensed professionals in fields of plumbing, electrical, and design.  Alvilaur listens to the client and delivers the finished project on time and within budget, guaranteeing quality materials and workmanship certain to satisfy every time.  We bring over 30 years professional painting and handyman experience, are local, family owned, and depend on our good neighbor reputation.  We are unique in that no job is too small and we take pride in every job! 

Alvin Washington is proud to bring his expertise from over 30 years professional experience painting, constructing, installing, diagnosing, repairing, and cleaning to solve nearly any problem your home or rental property has.  We want to leave you proud of your property and proud of your decision to choose Alvilaur – Alvin and Laurie Washington’s Issaquah based service.  We want to give you the quality for value that you and your home or rental property deserve!

OUR Commitment To YOU

  • We are prompt

  • We are honest
  • We are reliable

YOUR satisfaction is OUR goal!